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Ronabee Trilliana


Dear Friends and Family, 


It is with great sadness and a heavy heart to inform you of the passing of our dear friend Ronabee Trilliana.  She passed away yesterday, Sundaymorning, Nov. 13th at her home, surrounded by her family and friends.  Thank you for showing your love and support to Dennis, Aberick, Ron, and grandma Aurora as news of Rona's passing has reached you.   Many have asked how they can help and information on the funeral service.  Please kindly take the time to read this email for all the necessary details.  Please feel free to forward this email to friends who may be interested.  



Viewing Service:  Saturday, Nov. 19th at Monticeto Memorial  Park (24145 Barton Rd, Loma Linda, 92354)

                               Monticeto Chapel,  4-6 pm.  Reception 6-7 pm    

                              Program questions- contact Ela Anti 407-766-9464


Memorial Service:  Sunday, Nov. 20th at Campus Hill Church (11057 Hill Drive, Loma Linda, 92354)

                                   Sanctuary, 12:30 pm. (please eat lunch prior to service as reception to follow after viewing will not be about 3-4 pm)

                                   Program questions- Christine Bautista 909-253-3642 (pls text msg, no voicemail)


Burial Service:  Monday, Nov. 21st at Monticeto Memorial Park (24145 Barton Rd, Loma Linda, 92354)

                           Meet at graveside, 10 am.  Lunch reception to follow at Campus Hill Church, Linda Hall (11057 Hill Drive , Loma Linda)

                            Program questions- Christine Bautista 909-253-3642 (pls text msg, no voicemail)



There is a slideshow being put together to capture our memories of Rona.  We are asking to please submit HIGH RESOLUTION photos that you may have of her.  Please send asap by this Wednesday5 pm.  Email





  • Home Food DeliveryFood is a tangible way of showing love.  We have organized a meal train, which is a way of bringing of meals to the Trillanas to start this Wednesday.   In this way, we can avoid bringing excess food on one day, and not sufficient food the next. It also allows for the Trillana family to know what meal to expect and at what time so that they can plan accordingly.  Click on it and there you will be able to sign-up to bring them a meal. You will also find details on how many people to provide food for, where to deliver the meal, what time to deliver it, and any dietary requests.  Thank you for providing sustenance to the Trillana family during this trying time.  Click on link to sign up for your date-
  • Food preparation:  If you are able to assist with donating food and/or helping with setting up with food preparation, please contact:    
    •  Saturday- viewing service:  Ela Anti 407-766-9464
    • Sunday Memorial or Monday burial service:  Venice Lachica  909-379-5353
    • We are also needing 5 women and 5 men to help with setting up Linda Hall on Saturday evening at 8:30 pm.  Please contact Caroline Pangan at 909-855-6262
  • Monetary gift: Some have offered to give a monetary gift to assist with funeral expenses and funds for the children.  You may give this gift (tax deduction) thru a special account that has been set-up for the Trillana family.  You may  write checks made out to Campus Hill Church.  Please indicate in memo "Trillana Family".  


To all the young friends of Aberick and Ron:  we are compiling a special book of comfort letters from their friends.  Please print this pdf document.  On the Lined Spaces- kindly write out a letter or write a special Bible verse about comfort, peace, or God's love.  We want to encourage you to read the Bible and find what God's word has for us in these difficult times.   On the Blank Space below is an area to draw a picture about what you think Heaven looks like.  Heaven is our final destination and going to Heaven is the hope that comforts all of us after death.  Kids can color with crayons, markers, etc. There  will be basket at the door for both Saturday and Sunday services to collect your finish work . The letters will be binded into a special book to give to the Trillana kids. 

Again, thank you for your outpouring of love and support for the Trillana family during this difficult time.  We are comforted knowing  that through God's great love for all of us, His love is  more powerful than death; and because of this love, we will see Rona again in heaven. 


Warm regards,

Christine Bautista


Updated: Nov 16, 2016