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Pathfinders & Adventurers Club
Calling all Kingdom Kids!

If your child is between the ages of 3-16, and you would like them to be a part of building the Kingdom of God, then our clubs are just for you! (WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS! We welcome any child, independent of religious beliefs or church membership. The Adventurer club invites members between pre-school - 4th grade, and the Pathfinder club invites kids in 5th – 11th grade.

Our objective as a club is to assist you (not replace you!) in the important responsibilities as a child's primary teachers and evangelizers. We aim to strengthen your parent/child relationship and to increase your child's development in spiritual, physical, mental, and social areas. Through the clubs, the church, home, and school can work together with the parent to develop a mature, happy child. 
Our clubs would like to:
  • Allow your child to find an identity in Christ, during faith-building activities and trips led by encouraging and spiritual leaders.
  • Teach your child a sense of responsibility over his/her body by training them to use different physical and mental skills that promote self-discipline.
  • Enable your child to take part in community and church related activities that will enhance their leadership abilities so one day they too, can lead others to Christ.
  • Facilitate the formation of positive friendships among other members of our club and other clubs, local and conference-wide.
  • Provide personal care and encouragement by a caring and trained staff member at each meeting, outing, and at church.    

We will meet every 1st & 3rd Sabbath; after church we will have potluck in the Junior room and then commence our clubs at 2 pm (on the dot). The club will run from October 15 to June, 2017. 

The club fee is $35, and includes insurance, the class book, a club shirt, and a scarf and slide! We accept cash or check (payable to Campus Hill Church). 

Sign up forms are available in the office or during church on Sabbath!
For more info, please call the Family Ministry Coordinator, Christine Bautista at email:

Thank you!